Hilda YanDietitian

    Hilda Yan

    Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD, AN)

    Hilda graduated with a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics with Honours from Monash University. Since then she has worked in clinics all across Melbourne, and has helped many patients from various ages and cultural backgrounds in improving their diet, health and wellbeing.

    Hilda specialises in weight management and diabetes. Her interest in food in weight management stems from personal experience struggling with her weight since childhood. Since becoming a dietitian she has found the balance in enjoying physical health, whilst still being able to enjoy her favourite foods and the social aspect of food. She is passionate about using her own past experiences, combined with her extensive training, work experience and the latest scientific evidence to assist her patients to have a healthy lifestyle without restriction and guilt.

    Hilda’s interest in diabetes developed from volunteering at Diabetes Victoria camps for participants with Type 1 Diabetes, and from working with endocrinologists and diabetes educators in this area.

    Hilda is also able to consult in Cantonese and Mandarin.

    Outside of work, Hilda enjoys sitting down with a good coffee and a book, doing weights training at the gym and volunteering in her local community.


    Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)

    Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Nutritionist

    Optifast Accredited Practitioner

    Certificate in Carbohydrate Counting (Diabetes Victoria)

    Certificate in Sports Nutrition Essentials

    *Please note, Hilda is not an Accredited Sports Dietitian



    SEA as a service provider for Hilda Yan

    Southeast Endocrine Associates (SEA) takes pride in providing a high quality Endocrine and Diabetes support services and facility for Hilda.

    When booking to see Hilda, please understand the following:

    1. Hilda practises individually independent of other practitioners.
    2. SEA is responsible for the booking, paperwork, billing and providing facility for Hilda.  SEA is not responsible for the medical practices or treatment plans instituted by Hilda.
    3. Hilda’s relationship with SEA is one of contractor and service provider.  Hilda is not an employee of SEA.
    4. Hilda may practise in another facility/location outside SEA.  It is your right to obtain your clinical notes, and discuss with Hilda the best location to organise your consultation or treatment.