Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick)MBBS FRACP

    Nick is a graduate of Monash University (MBBS) and completed his endocrinology specialist training at Monash Health, Austin/Northern Health and Eastern Health. He was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) in early 2024.
    He is committed to holistic patient care and empowers patients to actively participate in developing a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Apart from English, he speaks fluent Mandarin and Malay.
    Dr Chee welcomes referrals in all areas of endocrinology, including diabetes, thyroid, men’s health, metabolic bone, pituitary and adrenal disorders.

    SEA as a service provider for Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick)

    Southeast Endocrine Associates (SEA) takes pride in providing a high quality Endocrine and Diabetes support services and facility for Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick)

    When booking to see Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick), please understand the following:

    1. Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick) practise individually independent of other endocrinologists.
    2. SEA is responsible for the booking, paperwork, billing and providing facility for Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick) SEA is not responsible for the medical practices or treatment plans instituted by Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick)
    3. Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick)’s relationship with SEA is one of contractor and service provider. Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick) is not an employee of SEA.
    4. Dr Yong Nian Chee (Nick) may practise in another facility/location outside SEA.  It is your right to obtain your clinical notes, and discuss with Dr Alipoor the best location to organise your consultation or treatment.